How to keep a relationship last long?

I have Googled the term “how to keep a relationship last long” and got nearly a billion search results. I have clicked on some results in first two pages. I have seen posts with many tips how to maintain a relationship for a long time.

Some posts suggest 7 things, some suggest 10 things, some suggest even 25 things that can keep a relationship lasting.

You will never finish reading, and you will be more confused. To stay happily in a relationship, we can’t consider thousand of options. We should focus on fundamental factors.

I counsel people who have difficulties in their relationship. I have friends who are considering divorce.

I try to figure out root cause the problem. A relationship has two vital elements-money and sex. As long as economy and sexlife function well other minor factors like honesty, focusing on your partner, complements, etc. can’t disrupt a relationship much.

Taking care of your economy is equivalent to taking care of your relationship. Involve your partner in your economic plan. Then you are on the safe side if something goes wrong.

You sex life has to be exciting and fun. You have to bring variations in your sexlife. If sex becomes boring, that could fracture in relationship. You should use different positions and always something new. You can also use some sex toys if that is necessary.

I am sure that your relationship will last long if you can take care of money and have exciting sex life.

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