The slaughter ban may result Indian cow extinct

The slaughtering of cows has been prohibited in India which means cows will only die from natural causes. This situation is something new.

How will it affect the cow population? Will the number rise or fall? Experts are divided in opinion. I am convinced that the cattle inventory will fall and cows will live in another way

How many cattle are there in India:

The total number of cattle is 191 million as per 2012 livestock census. The Indian livestock department estimates that the number in 2017 has been decreased to 167 million.

However, the estimated number provided by Worlds cattle inventory are quite different. According to his organization, the number of cattle inventory of India is 303 million. Here is the chart:

On 26 May 2017, the Ministry of Environment of Indian Central Government has imposed a ban on slaughtering of cattle for sale and purchase in India. There has been such a ban in the most of states of India long before the central ban

As there is no accurate data for the number of cattle, the Government has planned to identity cards with 12 digit unique numbers to 88 million cows. The government has the plan to cover total population cattle with this identity card scheme.

How farms and people are dealing with the ban:

It is no doubt in anybody’s mind that there will be billions of dollar loss due to this ban. However, I will not go into socio-economic consequences for the ban of slaughtering. I am trying to find out how the slaughtering will affect the number of population of the cattle in future.

Many people think that the population of cattle in India will rise because of the stop of slaughtering. I doubt that. Here are my reasons:

To raise and take care of a cow is very expensive and it requires hard labor. Let us say, there are currently 200 million cattle in India. One-third meaning 66 million cows are male. Since Indian agriculture has been modernized, there is no need of male cows. Tractors have replaced male cows. People are not allowed to sell cows for slaughter. Some those tried to slaughter cows secretly were brutally murdered by local cow protection groups. Who dares to do it again!.

Nobody wants to have male cows for sure. There are already many ownerless cows in the Indian streets. There are also many incidents cows are destroying crops.

People will not be interested to keep female cows either. The average life expectancy of an Indian cow is roughly 20 years. The cow lives 5/6 years more after stopping giving birth. Why people would bother to keep a fruitless female cow for 5/6 years!!! The dairy farms of India have already found out, it will not be economically viable for milk production if they have to keep a cow extra 5/6 years

Will the number cows boom or tumble:

If the Government strictly follows the slaughter ban for some years, nobody will be interested to feed and take of cows. These cows have not learned to live without human care. If human care is withdrawn, the number of cows will start to decline sharply.

I don’t think, cows will extinct. If cows are released in nature, many will die from diseases or shortage of food. But those will survive will adjust nature and environment. They will be stronger. They will start reproduction in nature.

It can take several generations but the cow species will survive. But this survival may devastate the green nature.

Obaidul Karim Khan

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