About me

Obaidul Karim Khan

I am Obaidul Karim Khan. I am a market researcher and freelance writer.

I am based in Denmark and work as an independant contractor. I worked at UNCHR as a consultant. I, also, worked at Immigration Dept. of Denmark 

Life knocked me down on my knees but I stood up to thrive. I became obsessed with self-improvement. I got over childhood trauma. I am now getting stronger and happier.

I have helped many people change thei lives.
I have helped to create many successful businesses.

I am passionate about movies, music and writing. I have always worked with people and conducted research on human behavior. My writings are authentic based on real life experience and research

My system:

  • Don’t work hard, work smart.
  • Don’t try to do things by hook and crook.
  • Discover yourself and believe in you
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Concentrate to improve the quality of life.
  • Don’t be stuck in the comparison trap. Be happy the way you are

For any service you are welcome to contact me


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