Accept yourself, don’t hide your age

Our life is like a clock that starts the countdown from the moment we are born. It ticks constantly until the day you die. This clock moves only clockwise. You cant reverse it to adjust the time.

When we think about aging, we think about wrinkled, and sagging skin. We tend to think smearing skin with the latest beauty product would reduce lines and imperfections. 

There’s a good chance advanced plastic surgeries and skin treatments will change your face to look younger.

Aging is more than wrinkle skin. Aging is a pathological change in our bodies. The anatomical integrity of an organism gradually deteriorates during the aging process. Research reveals that subtle chemical changes occur to DNA as people get older. This explains that disabilities in functioning and diseases evolve as we get old.

You cannot freeze your aging by only skin cares. It is natural to grow old. The functional capability of our internal organs slows down. That will affect your external appearance. Your hairs will turn grey and skin will sag.

You must accept your age. It is OK if you are youthful but pretending young and trying hide age is pathetic. 

Using makeup will help you look younger. But it will not enhance your physical functions. Maybe you will look younger by using makeup. Maybe it would be possible to impress your date the first time. But it will not help erection.

You should not be so desperate to inject poison Botox to look younger. This poison can cause serious infection and can eventually kill you.

If you want to be younger, then you have to stop the physical process of becoming old. There is some genetical research is running too slow the process of getting old. But nothing has been succeeded yet.

If you are always anxious about getting old, that will only accelerate the aging process. Anxiety and depression help only aging. This extra anxiety to look younger will contribute nothing good.

You can delay your aging by regular physical training and healthy diet. You can concentrate your mind on yoga or similar practices. That will help you focus on positive things and think youthful thoughts.

Even a wax model look real with makeup and clothing. When we visit the wax museum, I cannot differentiate between wax and a real human.

What would you exactly use your younger age? If you are an actor, maybe there is a reason to look younger. Actors use professional make artists.

If you are not careful, makeup can damage your skins. Operations can be dangerous. Some butt operations have caused deaths.

It is also not morally right to lie right to lie about your age.
 Just accept your age as a natural phenomenon.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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