Bad lucks can drag you down beating statistical probability

Just imagine how many experts worldwide work day and night on stock market analysis, how many software are used for predictions of market future. But can anybody predict the market? If anybody could with 100% certainty, then he/she would be richer than Jeff Bezos! Research and analysis are not all;there is something called “luck”

Experts predict a bull market based on positive elements but they did not predict a terrorist attack or they did not expect that Chinas economy would contract more than expected.

You need luck in the stock market. You also need luck in your life to be successful

In Greek tragedy, the hero is brave, honest, romantic and strong. He does everything right. But his life ends in tragedy just because of bad luck.

I have experienced bad luck in my entire life. When I drive in the traffic, I am the first one who stops in red light. In Airport, if any plane is delayed, that one got to mine.

I never bet on my favorite team. My team always loses if I bet on that. Guess what happens if I buy a stock. Even in a bull market, my stock will be red. If I sell one, that one will rise even in a bear market.

My wife says, “if companies would know my amazing power on the stock market, they would pay you a lot to buy their competitor’s share”

Many people believe in astrology. I don’t. I believe in bad luck as coincidence. I am facing bad luck every day. But I don’t believe that the movement and placement of stars and moon have anything to do with bad luck. Good and bad luck come and go by chance. Evil spirits cannot bring bad luck either.

There is no scientific explanation of lucks. But those do exist. That’s why wish good luck. The impact of bad luck is more than good luck.

If you are very lucky, you can win a Jackpot even statistically your probability is one in a billion. In the same way, you can die in a plane crash although the statistical probability is one in a million. 

Let me tell you about an incident. I have a childhood friend who lives in Sydney, and I live in Copenhagen. I have not met him in the last 30 years. I was in Calcutta last month. All on a sudden we met in a shopping mall there. The chance of meeting was statistically one in a billion. But this impossible did happen.

There is a proverb in India- bad luck doesn’t come alone. All bad things happen together without giving warning. You lose your job, at the same time you have been diagnosed with diabetes. When you come home, you find your son has failed in the exam and wife is sick. 

Bad luck is like a glue, stuck on your life. You cannot remove it. As much you try it sticks hard. The only thing you can hope that bad luck will go away itself.

One of the worst features of bad luck that it lasts longer than good luck. We see people have bad luck lifelong but good luck is only temporary.

Bad lucks screw you up completely even though you have not done anything wrong. Even during ancient civilization, people were philosophizing bad lucks. Aristotle introduced the concept of bad luck first.

Some people are so unlucky that they never can come out of the dark circle. People become frustrated. Some become addicted to drugs. Some become dependent of astrology. But nothing really helps

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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