Your life sucks when you have bad luck

There is no scientific explanation of lucks. But those do exist. That’s why wish good luck. The impact of bad luck is more than good luck.

Bad lucks can collapse your life. You can’t overcome your bad luck. It can stay lifelong or it can go away itself.

I don’t believe in astronomy. I don’t believe that the movement or placements of moon and stars have anything to do with our lucks.
There is no evil spirit that brings bad luck. An example of good luck is that you can win a Jackpot even statistically your probability is one in a billion. An example of bad luck is that two plan collides sometimes even probability is one in a million.
Let me give you another example. I have a friend who lives in Sydney, and I live in Copenhagen. All on a sudden we met in a shopping mall of Calcutta. The chance of meeting was statistically zero. But it is true, it does happen.
Bad lucks can take the breath out of your life.
I have seen in my life. When I have taken tare everything and made a good plan, the stock market tumbles. I lose everything.
We say in India, bad luck doesn’t come alone. You have lost a job, at the same time you have been diagnosed with diabetes. When you come home, you find your son has failed in the exam.

One of the worst features of a  bad luck that it persists more than a good luck. We see people have bad luck lifelong but a good luck is only temporary.

Bad lucks fuck you up completely even though you have not done anything wrong. This is the concept of the Greek tragedy. In ancient, people also people tried to give some explanations. Aristotle introduced the concept of bad luck.
Regardless whatever good and wise things you do in your life, you can be a victim of the tragedy.
You can be stuck in life. You can neither move forward nor backward

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