Beautiful women should marry less attractive but supportive men

A beautiful woman should choose a man who is a notch below them in the looks category.

A new scientific research reveals that when a woman is better looking than her life mate and the man is helpful and supportive, and then the relationship lasts long.

Whenever a beautiful woman has married a handsome man, the marriage has hardly survived.

Men who are relatively physically unattractive are more devoted to their wives. If the man is more attractive than his wife, he goes after women who are more attractive than his wife.

A supportive husband stands by the woman when she gets problem. In most cases, handsome men are not supportive. They say, “It is your problem, you have to deal with it” when a woman gets a problem.

There are many beautiful women compared to the number of handsome men. A famous psychologist  Kanazawa finds in his research that good-looking parents are 36% more likely to have a baby daughter as their first child than a baby son.

The number of attractive women is less the number attractive men. All beautiful girls don’t have possibility of getting equally attractive men.

Let us look at the matter from the market point of view. You may consider the beauty of a young woman as an asset. We can try to evaluate the value

The type the asset is similar to a brand new car. A car depreciates its value over time. The beautiful lady has her peak value when she is young. That value will decrease over time. Young age is the right time to utilize the asset.

.There could be some exceptions. A beautiful lady can be talented, too. So, in some cases, her value may not decline. Some celebrities have high value even in their old age.

On the other hand, if the average looking man possess assets, that will likely increase value. His best time is yet to come. I is a good deal for a beautiful woman to marry an ugly man who has assets.

The appearance of a man does not mean a lot, anyway. An average looking man can be sexy and robust whereas an excellent looking man may not be physically competent.

Many attractive women date with good-looking men. But for marriages, they choose stable men whom they can rely on, who can give them security. It does not matter if men are attractive in the conventional sense.

Many hot celebrities have married wealthy businessmen. Their marriages are going better than those who married so-called handsome men. This matter is not always calculations of asset values.

In many cases, romantic emotions are also involved. A handsome man can too marry an aged, unattractive woman for the same reason. Madonna’s young husband can be cited as an example.

It is good for beautiful women to marry less attractive supportive and established men

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