Can bad sex results in break-ups?

Bad sex undoubtedly creates tensions in a relationship. Some recent statistics find it may cause break up.

What do you call “ bad sex”? There have been several surveys conducted about the issue.

Among the male participants 41 percent cited lack of orgasm; 36 percent named lack of foreplay; and 29 percent said that female partners did no reciprocate oral sex.

Among women, 44 percent of participants say that sex was bad they could not get climax.

If sex is bad before relationship started, there would hardly be any break up because of bad sex because they have known the quality of sex prior to start a serious relationship.

But what if a partner lose ability to perform good sex later on? It is mostly men who can suffer sexual dysfunction.

The sexual dysfunction can occur if the man for example smokes or lives unhealthy. Many kinds of medication can affect potency.

Some diseases like diabetes, heart disease can reduce blood flow in penises. As a result, a man can be partially or fully impotent.Some surgical operations can make a man impotent, too.

Some causes of sexual dysfunction are temporary. Men can be cured by medications. These temporary problems should not shake a serious relationships.

If a man loses potency permanently, a relationship can collapses. If the couple is young, it is unlikely that the relationship will survive.

If the couple is old and matured, they can work something out in case of bad sex.

It also can be a case for the woman. Some accidents can occur. One partner can be physically disabled. It is inhuman to come out from a relationship for that reason.

I hope, it will never happen. But if an accident does happen that make my wife disabled. I would never leave her. I would be more devoted and attached to her regardless I have sex or not.

I am sure, she would do the same for me. Once, I suffered temporary sexual dysfunction due to my smoking habit. My wife stood by me. I quit smoking and started to live healthier. It took many months before I regained my potency. She was waiting and helping.

Our relationship never suffered a setback because of bad sex. But suppose, I my sexual dysfunction was permanent and my wife did not have a child, I would come out from the relationship. I would not a liability for her.

Sex is not just for pleasure, it is a physically necessity. Good sex helps both our physical and mental health. It also is part of intimacy and love. Repeated bad sex is a serious problem for a relationship.

Sex is the second most important thing next to money for a relationship. Partners are i most cases responsible for bad sex.

It is not difficult to do more intense and effective foreplay. Partners should concentrate for better sex. They can explore erogenous zone and stimulate the zone. Partners must give attention and energy to improve the quality of sex.

You must take your relationship seriously if you want to continue it

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