Choosing between bad marriage and divorce is like choosing between heart diease and cancer

A bad marriage is painful but it is far from certain that the divorce is the end of pain. Many people who are stuck in bad marriages wonder if the termination of marriage would do any good

The decision depends on your situation. If you think materialistically,  you should consider if you can afford a new relationship. If you cannot, you should think twice before you take a major decision. 

A bad marriage means an unhappy marriage. In a bad marriage, both spouses always quarrel and can’t agree on anything. I know from my own experience it is terrible. People lose mental peace arguing about everything all day long.

I tried to make some solutions like the separate living arrangement in the same house without divorce.   We divided our home and started to live separately.  But this way of living did not work.

We did not have sex. In fact, a sexless marriage is not just a bad marriage but a hopeless marriage. This kind of platonic relationship within marriage does not work

If you are a young person and have a good career, there is no reason to waste time and energy in a bad marriage.

But if you are a middle-aged person and don’t have a good job, you should think twice before making a serious decision.

To be alone long is worse than to be in a bad marriage. It’s not fun sitting alone and having sex fantasies that you can’t accomplish.

If you can’t start a new relationship, you better stay in your lousy marriage.

It is not right to make an adverse decision out of ill temper. You must calculate the merits and demerits  of divorce

You also have to evaluate if there is any chance of repairing your relationship.

It is not a good idea to terminate a marriage just because it is terrible. You must consider practical matters as well.

Obaidul Karim Khan

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