Erase toxic people from your life

Although loneliness is harmful, it is better to be alone than hanging out with toxic people. Toxic people will pretend like your friends but they will make your life living hell. They will destroy your optimism and you will feel emotionally drained and negative.

They will discourage you to do anything well. You will empty for creative energy. You need self-confidence and motivation to be successful. Toxic people will destroy your motivation.

For your own sake, you have to learn to identify them and stay far away from them.

Toxic people are predators:

 Toxic people are not aggressive. They look innocent. They seem harmless like water but they are actually like deadly acid

These people wait for the opportunity to harm you by putting you in an embarrassing situation.

Toxic people are like a knife made of sweets. They will be with you for some purposes. They will talk sweetly when they are in front of you but criticize you on your back.

Toxic people don’t have backbone:

Toxic people don’t have moral courage. They don’t dare to confront you face to face. All they are good at is backbiting.

They are not violent but passive-aggressive. They don’t have guts to protest. They keep anger inside them

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Toxic people put blames on others:

Toxic people create a problem but blame others for that. They cannot either see or recognize their contribution to the problem.

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Most of the time, it is them who create the problem. But they try to act that they don’t know anything about the cause of the problem. They blame other people for that.

Toxic people are master manipulator:

Toxic people are insincere. They are full of pretentious curtseys.

They will flatter in a way that you would think they admire you. But they are full of despise. Their outside is sweet but inside is toxic.

They are master at manipulating. They create animosity between you and your friends. They will manipulate friends and create hostility among them

Toxic people are negative and pessimistic:

They don’t see any light in their life. They will try to destroy your optimism.

You can never count on toxic people. They tell you something today and they will say something totally contradictory tomorrow. They will deny what they said yesterday

Obaidul Karim Khan

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