Ghosts, souls, and science

Let me tell you the information I have found about the origin and behavior of ghosts. I understand from the popular belief that a ghost is not a demon. Ghosts have not entered either hell or heave. Many people believe that souls that are stuck in between the earth and heaven are ghosts. They cannot go where they should go.

A ghost is a disembodied spirit or soul of a once-living person. A ghost can also be the spirit of a dead animal. All dead people don’t turn into ghosts. Approximate 7 billion people have died so far but there are not so many ghosts in the earth. Each ghost has its mission. A ghost could not fulfill the mission while living. 

Some ghosts are very revengeful. They want to punish some people. When they don’t find guilty people, they attack innocent people. Some ghosts are very sad; they cry middle of the night.

Some ghosts have physical energy. Most of the ghosts dont have physical power.

The best way of helping ghosts and getting rid of them is to release their soul from the earth and send them to heaven.

All those things what we hear about ghosts,. Now it is up to you to believe or not in ghosts.

A poll finds 43% Americans and 49% British believe in ghosts. Apart from the UK, European are not so ghost believers. I Nordic Europe only 27% of people believe in ghosts. If the poll would be taken in India, at least 90% of Indians would say they believe in ghosts.

I live in Denmark where the number of ghost believers is relatively low but there are many professional clairvoyants who claim to contact with ghosts. While I am writing this story, I searched the word “clairvoyance” and I found a number of paid announces for clairvoyance services. To clean a house for evil spirits cost six thousand Kroner or about 1 thousand USD.

A couple of Danish channels broadcasts programs of haunted places. Once a TV channel aired a program of a haunted discotheque. The reporter described that Nazi German soldiers used to come to the club and ghosts of those soldiers still dance among the public in this club.

They interviewed some witnesses who were employed there. As a consequence of the TV program, the popular club lost a significant number of guests.

It proves many people believe and afraid of ghosts although they do not want to confess it.

It is obvious that many people have experienced something that they could not explain logically. They have not tried to find any second explanation than ghosts.

I was born and brought up in an Indian village. I also witnessed a couple of things that I still can not explain.

My grandmother and my young aunt of 17 years were living together with us. One evening my aunt suddenly disappeared. Everyone was looking for her but failed. Suddenly, some heard a loud laugh from the top of a big mango tree.

There was she. We gathered under the tree. She was brought down. but she suffered from a high fever for two weeks.

She never climbed a tree before. I still do not know how she ended up in the top branch.

Once we could not open the door of our house after coming back from holiday. The door was locked from inside by two metal bars. It was completely impossible to come out from inside after closing the door in that way. We had to break the door with the help a carpenter. My mother and grandmother were agreed that that was a deed of a ghost.

Maybe there are explanations of those happenings. I neither agree nor disagree that ghosts exist. I am somehow neutral.

Has science proved that ghosts exist? Scientists do not believe in ghosts but ghost believers do not buy their arguments. Science argues that there could six possible reasons for ghosts:

  1. Low-frequency sound
  2. Mold
  3. Carbon monoxide
  4. The power of suggestion
  5. Drafts
  6. We enjoy being afraid

If ghosts existed, that must have been proven. They argue that Ghosts don’t exist otherwise the advance science experiment would have found them by now.

The ghost believers answer, that the existence of ghosts hasn’t been proven is because we don’t have the right technology to find or detect ghosts or spirit. But most of the scientists don’t agree with that.

Ghosts exist or not is an eternal question. Whatever arguments believers present, non-believers have their counter-arguments. People are almost equally divided about beliefs in the existence of ghosts. The people who believe ghosts don’t change their mind. The people who don’t believe don’t change their mind either.

No one has ever given any solid evidence that ghosts exist. It is all about stories of personal experiences. People describe how they have experienced ghosts. They attribute many strange sounds, winds, sudden door closing to ghosts.

Researchers have not found any evidence of those personal stories.

Regardless ghost exists or not, ghost movies are more popular than even romantic movies. Ghost stories are popular than thrillers.

The fear of ghosts exist in my subconscious mind because we hear many stories, watch many horror movies.

I admit that the fear of ghosts has been stuck in my brain since my childhood. Although I do not exactly believe in ghosts but I am somehow afraid of ghostly things. I don’t find any scientific reason that ghosts exist, but I am for example afraid of staying in a home near graveyard alone.

If all dead people become ghosts, then there are about 7 billion ghosts in the world. (7 billion people have died so far.)

Atheists and believers can never agree. Both sides have arguments and counter-arguments.

Similarly, people have been debating on the existence of ghosts but the issue is not solved and is not likely to be solved anytime soon

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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