I love the way she is

The way I see a woman and feel for her is different from majority people. For me, a woman is a poetry, I want to read her, feel her.

I am a very passionate and romantic person. I don’t think there is any special Indian way of considering women. My attitude towards women could be influenced by Indian poems.

I see a woman in a poetic way. I don’t measure their body sizes. I don’t start having sexual fantasies when I see a woman.

I instead fantasize the woman in nature, maybe in a rose garden. Maybe she is a rose herself, the butterfly rests on her.

I run short of symbols to describe a woman. Whatever symbols I can think of, have been used before. I prefer to see abstract beauty in a woman rather than explicit sex appeal.

I prefer to look at a woman when she is not totally exposed. I don’t want to see a woman naked from the beginning. I want to see just a preview of her and the fantasize the rest.

I love women; that does not necessarily mean that I desire to make love to all women, I see.

I am happy to see flowers and birds without touching them. I also can be happy to see women without touching. I try to find abstract beauty rather than explicit beauty. Their inner beauties prompt waves in my heart.

I love sex with a female. I find an analogy between sex and the seasons changing in India. The lovely colorful romance of the spring is followed by the hot and excitement of two bodies end in rain. The same way romance and kissing starts and finishes with orgasm.

I study about different sex positions but prefer sex old Indian Kamasutra positions. I make love with passions and romance. I consider sex like a ritual or an advanced form of Yoga.

While making love, I view the woman as a partner in achieving divine pleasure.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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