Life is too short to do things that are not worth it

Our life is short. We don’t get enough time to accomplish things that are essential. We can’t afford to do things that are not worth it. There were many worthless things. I have listed 20 of them:

Having a boring job: 

You must enjoy your work where you can use your creativity. You don’t work only for salary. A career is a very important part of your life. You must be happy with your job. Otherwise, it is not good for you, not for your employer either.

Marrying a person whom you are not attracted to:

When you marry, you and your partner take an oath to live together lifelong. You can’t spoil your life by marrying a person whom you are not attracted to.  Marriage means a commitment, love romance, and sex. It is a pity to be stuck in life with someone whom you are not attracted.

Finding an excuse for skipping sex: 

Sex is a psychosomatic phenomenon. A healthy relationship needs regular sex for your mind and body. A couple should have sex very frequent. It does not make any sense to find reasons like tiredness for not making love.

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You smoke and you give an excuse that you are depressed and lonely. You argue smoking help your depression. If you don’t feel good, can’t do any good. A cigarette does not contain any element that helps your mood.

Faking yourself: 

To try to be someone what you are not, does not serve any purpose. You can have temporary benefits from faking yourself but ultimately you will be exposed. You cannot run from yourself. You have to have the courage to be real you

Sacrificing yourself for others:

Sacrificing sounds like a great word. You have got only one life. This life is yours. Others have their lives, too. You have to live your life as good as you can.  If you have surplus then you do things for others. If you are not doing good, you can’t do any good for others. An unwise way of sacrificing would not do any good for you, not for others either

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Working hard:

You must not burden yourself by working hard. You have to work smart and achieve a better result than working hard. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. You need creative energy to create quality. Hard work undermines the quality of life.

Waiting for a grand event:

Grand events seldom come.; for some people, it never comes. You can’t wait for a big event. Every moment is a part of your life. You have to enjoy your life moments. Don’t count on a grand event and lose your present moments

Living in the past:

 You are in the present and you have to go forward. You cant just wonder what you did or what you could have done in the past. Don’t spoil your present happiness by wondering what you could buy Facebook stocks 5 years ago. Think about the present and the future

Copying others: 

Maybe you are intelligent or maybe not, maybe you are good at something or maybe not, maybe you are attractive or maybe not. Those are not your concerns. You have to accept the way you are. You are unique. You are not like others. You have to find the way that fits you. It will not help you to follow others who have succeeded in their ways.

Setting a life goal:

You should not set a long term big goal in your life. You will be disappointed when you don’t reach your goal. It is better to set short term easily achievable goals. When you reach a small goal, then you can target another.

Being stuck in comparison trap: 

Your friends are posting colorful photos from exotic islands and luxury parties. Those mean nothing. They are showing only a part of their lives and hiding dark part. Maybe you are doing better than them but unnecessary becoming frustrated. You don’t need to compare yourself with others.

Fake friends: 

You don’t need a long list lost of Facebook friends. You need friends whom you can count on.  Keep yourself away from friends who often change their colors. They are not worthy. You better find a few or just one real friend.

Thinking too much:

To think about solving a problem is good but excessive thinking doesn’t help. Too much thinking creates anxiety. Be objective and confident instead.

Gossiping with people of the same genders:

 Man to man talk is sometimes OK but it is not good to sit together and talk only among men for a long time. Gathering of men without any woman is not healthy. Research reveals. That the testorane hormone level falls when they are together with men.

Being very serious: 

Seriousness makes you sad. You have to have the ability to make jokes and take jokes with pleasure. You have to laugh high. Be jolly and cheerful


To establish a relationship is not so easy. It takes a lot of time and efforts to find the right one. You can take time before you enter a relationship. When you are in a relationship, you must try hard to keep it. Never break up unless it is a must.


Botox is poison, don’t inject it in your face. Aging is a natural process; you cannot be younger by using Botox. You can only remain young if you can stop the processing of getting old. That is not medically possible yet.

Butt operation and penis enlargement: 

This kind of operation is dangerous. It can result in death. Big butts don’t make you look good. The penis cannot be enlarged. There is no need for enlargement. To try to enlarge it can result in impotence.


If you talk behind other people, they will also talk behind your back. Backbiting is a very bad and harmful habit. It creates animosity and hostility among friends.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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