Main reasons why some people are not successful

Many people don’t become successful because don’t know the real way to success. They don’t know that their hard skills would not bring success. They underestimate the necessity of soft skills.

Many people have potential but cannot become successful because they waste their energies in wrong and unproductive places.

They have just stereotyped thought that hard work will bring them success. By hard work, you can at best make a way for the living, but it never makes people successful.

They also overrate merit and education which are not crucial for success. They are just stereotyped to think that hard work will bring them success.

By working hard, you can at best make way for the living, but it never makes people successful. Hard work sometimes undermines creativity and becomes a barrier for succeess

You need needs creative energy to achieve things in life. You need pleasant and stress-free life to have innovative thoughts.

To live an ordinary life is not a success. You do not need name and fame or enormous wealth to be successful but you need at least a happy life with lovely family, a good car, a good house and a job.

You can reach to your destinations in many ways. You can take a economy class or you can take a business class. Some people travel by private jet. A success does not mean to own a private jet. Success means that you can afford at least a business class ticket. Only to travel is not a success. Your journey has to be comfortable.

Hard work means a life under mental pressure and burden. You feel obligated to do something that you do not want to do. You work hard all day long without having quality time with your family. That’s not a success. For success, you need to work efficiently.

Your merit and education are not enough to be successful. A study conducted by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85% financial success is achieved by communication, negotiating and leading capability. I have worked a long time with different companies.

I have never seen that anyone has got the top position because of merit and education. Those who have reached the top in a career have had the charisma or in another word likeability. There are many brilliant Ph.D. engineers in Google and Microsoft. They have not become top executives. CEOs of both companies are young persons who have right leading and negotiating capacity. Neither Satya Nadella nor Sundar Pechai has Ph.D

Many people do not know what brings success. They emphasize only study and hard working. People should give efforts to improve their ability to negotiate and communicate. That will lead to success. Soft skills are the key to success

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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