Make more money instead of saving money

It’s not worth to live a frugal life to save money. We are not often aware that saving money is an expensive process. It cost you valuable time and energy to save money. Better use the time to make more money.

You have to spend a lot of time to find the discount air ticket. You have to drive long to avail Supermarkets special offer.

Have you ever calculated how much time and efforts if have given to save money?

I can tell you from my real life experience that the time you use to save your money does not always pay off. If you would use your time to make more money, that would give a much better result.

For the sake of saving money, you degrade the quality of your life. You are not having any comfort while trying to save money. You are stressed about how to save money by buying things from where. Instead of enjoying your life, you are running after discounts. That ultimately undermine your happiness.

My wife tried was giving huge efforts to save money. She went after different discount products. She was also trying to save from utility bills by using water, heating, and electricity carefully. By all her efforts, she was able to save about 200 USD/month for month.

She was trying much to save money but she was not very concerned to earn more money

I always asked her to find another with a better salary. I knew she could get a better job but not in the city we lived in. She was not interested to work in another city because she did not want to commute much. She thought it would take a huge time in transport.

I explained to her that if she used 1 hour/day more in transport, she could earn 1000 USD more per month. She was using 2/3 hours for different efforts to save 200 USD/month

She could see my point. She took the job in another city. She gets 1000 USD more in salary. Now she does not spend hours on discount goods. She is using the time in transport.

To save money is a boring process. It does not improve your economy significantly. To use the time to make money pay off. I use a part of my free time on online trading. That gives me some extra money.

If you do not earn enough money, you cannot run your life smoothly no matter how you keep the budget and how economically.

Saving from the limited income earning is difficult and you can not save enough money little by little in your entire lifetime. If you do you will lose your happiness.

Focus on earning more money instead of savings. Evaluate yourself and find out what you can do best. Commercialize your competence. Do not follow others. Use your unique ability. You will earn money.

I know from my experiences, there is always a way to make more money. The method varies from person to person. The best tip I can give when I know your backgrounds and your strong sides. There are always ways to utilize your abilities more.

Dont try so hard to save money. Work smart and make money.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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