Never do those things in your life

Don’t regret lifelong for things you should not have done but have done. You don’t have to learn things in a hard way. Other people have done things wrong and suffered. You can learn from them. Here is a list of 10 things, you should never do.

1. Never date a stranger in a foreign country. You can be robbed and blackmailed if you do. Many people date online in some risky Asian and African countries There have been incidents that they got in the trap when traveled there 

2. Never serve pork to a Muslim and never serve beef to a Hindu. There is nothing wrong with pork and beef. But people can survive without them. Hindus and Muslims believe in God in a different way. Certain kind of food is forbidden in their religions. We should respect that. We must not hurt their feelings and belief.

3. Never send your naked pictures to someone via messenger especially when you are married. It is a very risky business. Several American top politicians got caught for doing this stupid thing 

4. Never borrow money to your friend. You will lose both your money and friend. I have experienced that. When you borrow friend money, he will try to escape from you. If you find him and go after him, you will come in conflict with your friend. You probably cannot get your money back.

5. Never leave your laptop turned on and go to the bathroom when your wife is home. If you think that your wife is busy with something and she would not bother to see what you are doing on your computer, you are wrong. There are some manly things, women don’t understand. This can give trouble in your relationship.

6. Never mock a person who has faith in God even you are an atheist. Regardless God exists or not, religious people believe in God. Those are good people. They are not doing anybody harm. There is no reason to mock them and hurt their sentiments.

7. Never smoke for fun. If you do it once for fun, you will be addicted to it and spoil your life. People who smoke always want others to smoke. They are spoiled and they want to bring new members to their smoker club. Most of the smokers start smoking for fun. Smoking is very addictive. You will definitely be addicted if you smoke for fun 

8. Never be surrounded by failed people. If you do, you will further be dragged down in failure. Many failed people start taking drugs and they want other people to join them. They want you to be one of them. If you are not careful, you can be stuck in misery.

9. Never work hard. If you do it will be a burden on your shoulder. Work smart, not hard. You need creative energy to be successful, not hard work. Indian agriculture labor works hard but Jeff Bezos does not.

10. Never emphasize your work over your family. Your wife and children are more important than everything in this world. Your family always come first. You have to spend quality time with them.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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