Never mock a person who has faith in God

There are many evil things which I will never do. The most importantly, I will never laugh at a person for his/her faith. I hate to hurt people because of their religious belief. I will never do that. I will never mock people for their faiths.

I am a not a very religious person. But I find all religions are helpful to humanity. People have fear to answer to the Higher authority that prevents people from doing bad things.

I agree those who believe in God can not substantiate their faiths. I also can not. I can not give hard shreds of evidence that God exists. Neither can anyone disprove God. I am therefore inclined to believe in God. Let people stay peacefully in their faiths

All religions are claiming that they are right. Nobody can tell me for sure which one is right. I have chosen mine. Others may choose theirs. It does not harm to be respectful to one another.

It serves no purpose to mock people because of their faiths. People with faiths are not harming others.

There are many cultures in the world. Some seem bizarre and some look like primitive. There are many old traditions in India. In Latin American countries have older and stranger traditions. Should we start mocking people for their strange cultures ? of course not.

I¬†don’t¬†understand many elements of advanced sex. People are doing these, finding pleasure in bondages. They are happy. Why have I to bother them?

I will never mock people of different religions. They wear religious clothes, eat special food, they are praying in their ways. Let them do those peacefully.

Some people mock religion to be famous. Some people in Bangladesh mock religion intentionally to get political asylum in Western countries.

Some media deliberately provoke religion to come in the spotlight. I give an analogy when an aged celebrity cant get any job, she/get gives naked pose to attract attention.

I respect religions. I will never mock religion, never hurt people because of their religious beliefs

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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