Romance undermines sexual pleasure

Emotions are abstract feelings and sex is raw excitement. Romantic emotions and sex are not a good match.

I write poems, I also try to write love song. Romantic love has inspired me to write poems. It has helped me to feel true passion, to grow and to be a better person. But it did not help me get high quality sexual pleasure.

I have a deep sense of romantic love and at the same time, I have a high sex drive. I always seek good sex. Love and emotions could not help me with that.

I know very well romantic emotions cannot be transformed or integrated to sex. To write a poem and sexual intercourse are different things and mutually exclusive.

Some people consider sex as emotions, some consider it as biological urge like hunger and thirst. Besides reproduction, sex is the greatest enjoyment in our life.

How can we get the best sexual enjoyment: sex in poetic love or wild and vulgar sex?

Scenario 1: you have planned sex in a romantic way. You arranged tasty food, great wine, chocolate, perfumes and classical music. You dance with your partner beside a roaring fire and of course. Then you tell her how much you love and make love to her.

Scenario 2: You get excited to see her in hot dress. You take her clothes off and threw her on sofa. You show her your erected penis and tell her “ I wanna fuck your wet pussy” She replies “Put your big dick inside my pussy, fuck me now” You two make wild sex. No perfume, only sweat and cums.

I have made sex in both ways. I can sure assure you that I enjoyed “scenario “

I study a lot about sex and I experiment different things with sex. I read scientific sex books, two.

I do appreciate romantic love. We must need romantic love for devotion and sincerity to one another. It gives security and stability in relations

But romantic emotions are not helpful for sexual pleasure. Emotions shrink excitement. Romantic emotions have nothing to do with sexual attractions.

You are going have a good fuck, you are not going to sing a love song. Compassion and devotion are good, abstract values are good but those don not enhance your sexual pleasures.

If you want a good fuck, then don’t compliment your partner with a bunch of roses. Don’t talk about romance, just talk about fuck. Praise her body, how sexy she is. Tell her in which positions you want to fuck, how you want to spray your cum.

I assure you, you both will be aroused only by verbal interactions. Dirty words are the best foreplay. When you two exchange” dirty words” you will find your dick hard like steel and she will be wet.

Sex is a raw excitement; the sexual intercourse is primitive and raw. Sex had existed before humans started writing poems. Sex is good when it is vulgar and intense. Romantic emotions undermine the sexual pleasure.

I am not supporting adultery but the fact is that you enjoy sex more when you are not romantically involved with your partners. People, therefore, find other men and women more attractive than their spouses.

Before starting and during sex, you better forget about love and emotion. Consider sex as “ fuck” not as making love. Be vulgar both in verbal and action. You can enjoy sex most in this way.

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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