Are the two biggest sex myths true?

How should long sex last? Sexual stamina has always been a big sex myth. Men have never-ending curiosity for how many minutes of sex is needed to satisfy a woman.

Another eternal myth is penis size. Humans have solved the mystery of Mars. But both genders are still not unanimously agreed with the ideal penis size.

I have therefore identified two major sexual myths: Sexual stamina and penis size. You will get more than a billion results if you search about ejaculation and penis size.

I will still shed light on this sexual matter. I am able to do so because I have studied a lot about the including old Indian sexual myths. I have considerable practical experiences and I have helped many people who have had sexual frustration.

Sexual Stamina:

In public, there are tales of sex that lasts all night long. There are porn videos that show some celebrities have sex with their female partners for hours but still do not ejaculate while their partners get multiple orgasms.

There are also ancient stories, too. The great Mughal emperor Akbar had 5000 concubines in his Harem and he never got tired of sex with them.

Should we be worried about hearing all those tales? Let us find out.

Studies find many men get orgasms within a couple of minutes of commencing intercourse. But the summary of many studies finds that a median time is 5/6 minutes.

Is it at all necessary to calculate time and duration? Do not do that. If you do, you would be only stressed. As a result, you will either do not erection or get quick ejaculation.

If a man can hold an orgasm for hours, he is sick, unable to get ejaculation. He does not satisfy a woman, just torture her. The premature orgasm is in fact much better than not having an orgasm.

Many people who are worried about their sexual stamina, have a misunderstanding that quick ejaculation reflects poor health, maybe it is quite opposite.

To get an instant erection is a sign of a good health. Premature ejaculation is not a sign of bad health either.

I remember, as a boy, I used to have constant erections without any reason. I had the erection when I swam; I got an erection when I rode a bicycle. When I woke up from sleep, I found the penis erected. Sometimes I got ejaculation only by hugging and kissing a girl.

People may reach orgasm only by touching the penis without being undressed. It can happen if you have not had sex for a long time.

This kinds of problem is very common in early age but it can also happen in your matured age.

If you don’t have regular sex and you watch porn instead, sexual stamina may deteriorate. In the worst case, you may get ejaculation before penetration. If you do not get a sex partner, stopping masturbation is not a good idea. That makes the problem only worse.

I most of the cases, the problem of premature ejaculation is a temporary state. It does not need any treatment. The solution is to find a sex partner. If you make love regular basis without having a worry, you will have good sexual stamina.

I did not have sex for a long time. The day I married, I knew that I might have a very early orgasm when I would sexual intercourse. To avoid the problem, I masturbated before making love and it helped.

Penis size:

All of you have heard about this thousand of times. Does size matter? How big penis is too big, how small is too small? People have been asking and answering these questions for decades, maybe for centuries.

Personally, I do not understand why there are so many controversies. Even a child can understand 10 centimeters and 20 centimeters are different lengths and it must make a difference. Different length og size of two things have advantages and disadvantages. In a positive or negative way, size makes difference.

The performance of a short man and tall man are not the same.

If you have little money, you can somehow survive, but you can not have a cozy life. In the same way, you can perform sex with a small penis but it will be in no way a high-quality sex.

Penis size matters a lot. Size limits the positions that feel really good, on both ends of the spectrum. You can not variations of sex styles and positions with a small penis.

It is hard to satisfy a woman with a small penis. With a large penis, you have much more flexibility in different sex positions. If you have a small penis, you have to depend on very few positions, otherwise, you can not penetrate your penis entirely in a vagina. A large penis does not need to be penetrated completely.

If you have got a small penis, nothing you can do about it. You have to adjust sex positions to have sex.

Maybe penis size does not matter in some cases. Lesbians can satisfy one another without having a penis. For some women, penis size is not important.

People with small penis suffer from inferiority complex. If you are not satisfied with your genital size, you look for some sort of confidence and comfort. You are not very happy with your small penis. Regardless of how much people try to console you, your doubt is not going away. All the bad feelings you have resulted in a bad sex.

Your fear is not baseless. Scientists have last year found out, a bigger penis is necessary for better vaginal orgasm. All we thought before was clitoris orgasm which did not require a big penis. Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., the study leader has concluded that a long penis can feel a vagina better and chances of paternity are also bigger. In my opinion, this study has given more confusion than solution.

I have a medium size penis. I love to experiment with different kinds of old Indian sex positions. I can not use all Kamasutra sex positions. Those positions require a bigger penis than mine.

In the past, I had a premature ejaculation problem. Different kinds of Yoga practices and a healthy diet have helped my problem. We can solve other sex-related problems but we can not enlarge our penis.

A small penis is already a problem and if you are fat that makes sex more difficult. If both partners have obesity then sex becomes impossible with a small penis.

If you have a small penis, it is better to find a partner with low sex drive.

I do not say that you are completely unable to have sex with a small penis. Maybe it will not be a high-quality sex.

You also need a bigger penis to have better sex.

I believe the myth about penis size is real

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