Ten traits of a real man

Manhood does not mean masculine power. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, manhood means “the condition of being a human being” Manhood does not mean the power to suppress women and other week people. Manhood is qualities that make a man a better human.

Manhood is not about the anatomy of a man. Manhood is not the controlling power over women. Manhood is about values, morals, and dignity.

  • Faithfulness:

A real man never gossips how many women he has made love with besides his wife. Cheating and adultery are disgusting. That is not a sign of manhood. A real man stays faithful to his woman. A real man is loyal and loving to one woman. He does not need “eight women around him twerking” A strong man protects his woman. He does not hurt his woman

  • Courage:

A real man has courage. He has guts to face challenges regardless of the risks involved. He fights the battle of his life courageously. He fights for his family and country.

  • Helpfulness:

A real man does not run from a problem. He is helpful to the people around him. He never says “it is not my problem”. A real man is a real friend who the friend is in need.

  • Integrity:

A real man is a man of integrity. He is honest and respectful to others. He never cheats and exploits other people.

  • Strength:

A man is strong but he does not misuse his strength. He does not lose temper and attack others. He is strong but calm, quiet and restrained.

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  • Confidence:

A real man is confident. He knows himself and believes in himself. He sets his goal which he can achieve. He relies on himself and you can rely on him.

  • Strong principle:

A real man has a strong principle and ideology. You know what he stands for. You know his position. He does not change his position like politicians.

  • Compassion:

A real man is compassionate but he is not weak. He feels for others who are suffering. A man never takes advantage of an innocent person’s weakness.

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  • Humility:

A man is humble and treats others with respect. He praises others but not himself. His apologies if he has done a mistake.  He listens to others and values their opinion.

  1. Self-reliance:

A strong man learns to depend on himself for his well-being. He is always prepared for all possible consequences. But still, he wants to cooperate with others

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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