The need for a redefinition of “racism”

Racism has become a catch-all term, but I am confused over what it really means.

Would it be a racist act to speak the truth about a group of people? Should it be punishable to propose a good hypothesis which says negative things about a group of people of similar background?

I am from Denmark. I give a couple of examples of what I have experienced in Denmark.

One very controversial politician named Rasmus Paludan has recently got 14 14-days prison sentence from the Danish Highcourt for racism. That incident was covered by international news media.

The reason he was sentenced because he said in a Youtube video that, “most black people in South Africa” have low IQ under 70. the Danish party leader implies the South African governing party ANC, is incapable of governing South Africa due to low intelligence.

No scientific research has yet established that races have anything to with intelligence. There is no genetic reason that makes white people more intelligent than black people.

But there are a number of ongoing researches to find the connection between intelligence and races. Some researchers are working with the hypothesis that white people are more intelligent than colored people.

The court sentence against the Danish politician makes me wonder if a wrong hypothesis is punishable. The race issue seems so secret and sensitive that even an assumption is not allowed.

I am a black man but I am a neutral researcher, I am not biased and I have my ethical responsibility.

I worked at the refugee integration department of a Danish municipality. I worked both with Eritrean and Syrian refugees. My job was to teach them the basic rules of Denmark. My job was to make an overall report about their qualifications and potentials.

All newcomers in Denmark need to learn how to contact public authorities using personal ID. They need to learn, how to get routes of public transports, how to contact doctors etc.

I found out with my atter surprise that many of them did not go to school and those who went to school did not pass the fifth grade.

I found that it was a daunting task to integrate them in the Danish labor market. Many of them were illiterate and some of them were poorly literate

A recent survey conducted by the Danish Ministry of Immigration and housing finds, that 6 out 10 refugees do not have any education at all. Only ten percent of refugees are somehow semi-skilled

A survey conducted by the Rockwool Foundation finds, only seven out of ten refugees can read and write with Latin alphabets, and two out three Syrians in Denmark have no education.

Summing up surveys conducted on refugees in Denmark, you find almost 70 refugees are illiterate. The data I collected reveals that the number of illiterate are even higher among refugees who fled wars.

Now the documented conclusion should be, “ The majority of refugees are illiterate and it is extremely difficult to integrate them in the Danish labor market” This was what I was trying state publicly but the municipality board told me that it could violation of the article of racism and I could be fined for being disrespectful to a certain group.

I believe the concept of the term “racism” is well protected by certain groups. They use “racism” to whine about people they don’t like. “Racism” is a good political weapon for leftists to attack their oppositions. That’s what I see in Danish politics.

Even religions are not above criticism. Races should not be. The existing definition is racism is misleading. We need to redefine the term “racism”

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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