What can you do if nobody listens to you?

You are saying something but nobody is listening to you, you are writing a lot but nobody is reading, you are crying out but nobody gives a damn. You are stuck in everything, but nobody is helping you out. What can you do?

Many of us have been through this kind of situation. You send a lot of emails but recipients delete those without opening. You are not alone this. Many of us are in the same boat.

The number of people who wants to talk is more than the people who want to listen. Everyone needs help to solve their problem but there are a few who are willing to solve problems.

1.You apply for a job because you need it. You hope for fair treatment of your application. But the employer is not obligated to give you a job. The employer needs only one person and you are one of the 1000 applicants who want the job. You cannot blame the employer if you have not heard anything from the employer.

What is the fix?

They don’t select a candidate by random selection. Studies show employers give only 10 seconds on average to look at each application for preliminary selection. You have got only one shot to convince the employer with the first two sentences of your application. Use hours even days to structure two sentences. Those sentences have to be unique and impressive. These two sentences will be deciding if the employer will read your application.

2. You are writing but not many people are reading your pieces. It happens to me often. Sometimes I want to stop writing. I don’t do that because sometimes I get readers. If you are still here and reading the post, that means I have convinced you by my introduction. You have decided to read it to the end.

I have written some answers on Quora that have half a million views and some have 20 views. Guess what! Answers that have got 20 views are much better written than those have got half million views.  I don’t know the reason for that. Keep writings keeping this in mind that maybe people will read some but not sure.

3. It is sad that you have got an innovative idea but nobody is looking at it. First, make sure that nobody can steal your idea. Make some kind of copyright or patent to secure your idea.

Don’t press relevant persons too much. Never do the mistake of spamming others. If you do, you will lose the possibility of consideration. Wait for the right moment and place your idea.

Many people get frustrated when they cannot attract the attention of others. They use bizarre and dangerous methods to attract attention. Stay cool; don’t do anything out of desperation.

Something you can do when you need a person listens to you. It can be for job or advice. Conduct research about the person as much as you can-the background of the person, career, likings, etc. That information will help you to formulate your application that fits the interest of the person

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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