What should you do if nobody listens to you?

I have experienced that and you have, too-you have many things to say but nobody listens to you. You are writing but nobody reads your stuff.

You have sent some emails but recipients delete them without opening. You are stuck. How do you draw attention? 

In recent years, protests have seen naked feminists in Ukraine and, anti-war protesters in London and California and environmental campaigners in some countries of Africa.

Protestors tried to draw attention in many ways but failed. Finally, protestors have stripped themselves out of cloths. They say that protests without clothes have given better results than with cloths.

I also have experienced such helpless situations when I had time to be heard.

Imagine, you have sent 300 job applications but got no response, at all. You are trying to explain your vision to the world, but nobody gives a damn. What can you do?

I have been having these problems for years. I have searched on Google for the entire sentence “what to do if nobody listens to you?” 

 I have got hundreds of explanations about why nobody listens to you. Some suggest 3 reasons, some suggest 10 reasons, and some suggest even 25 reasons. I read some of them, but none seems relevant to me and I could use none of them.

I really was looking for some solutions or at least some tips. I did not get it.

I have had problems with the people, I know. Many of my messages remain unread for months. If my friends don’t read my messages, how can I expect other people will do!! 

I don’t write for a living. I have a passion for writing. I feel satisfied when somebody read my pieces. I sent many articles to online journals. I got seldom any feedback from editors.

If no man or woman respond to your love, you got to learn to live alone. You have to adjust your lifestyle without a partner. 

If no editor publishes your pieces, you can either write a diary or blog. I started writing on Quora and Medium. People listened to me. I have got several million views on Quora and I have over 50K monthly views on Medium. My own blog attracts a good number of traffics.

You could also be stuck in the same situation where you fail to draw anybody’s attention. You have to find your own way out.

In some cases, it becomes extremely hard to be heard. People use sometimes bizarre, sometimes they use even deadly method to be heard. I saw the news, someone was running naked during the Wimbledon tennis tournament to attract attention. There are incidents that people jump from high buildings to be heard.

Don’t become very desperate when nobody hears you. It is quite possible that you would not be able to draw attention.

In that case, you have to design your life. You have to find a way to be successful. If nobody gives you a job, you have start something on your own. When no editor published my stories, I started writing my own blog. 

You are thinking that you have a creative and innovative vision, but nobody cares. You submit your idea to many companies but get never any feedback. You post a good video on YouTube but you get no view. You write on Medium, but nobody reads.

Are those sounds familiar? Regardless, how good you are, you may not be heard if you don’t have luck.

You never know your accomplishments will be recognized by everybody. Nobody when a picture or a video will go viral and become a worldwide hit. People got it when they were the least prepared.

About the job, let me tell you how got my job many years ago. I sent more than 500 applications but never got single feedback. 

I started talking to the receptionists of companies and convinced them to give me direct emails of key managers. Before I contacted them, I did some research about their fields of works. I read about their publications and news about them.

Based on my research, I wrote unsolicited emails to them. A few days later, a company director contacted me and I got a job as the marketing coordinator. 

If you are not heard, never become desperate, never do any bizarre thing to draw attention. Evaluate yourself and find an alternative solution.

I will answer your questions, I would not let you down. You find me here

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Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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