Do some Bollywood actresses really escort?

We often hear rumors about the sex life of Bollywood female celebrities. I am one of the most viewed writers on Quora on the Bollywood topics. My followers often ask me if Bollywood actresses escort secretly. 

I have followed Bollywood events for decades. I have heard countless scandals about the matter. Most of them turned untrue.

Bollywood A category established actress don’t escort. If they did, only a handful billionaires could afford them. Some years ago, Deepika Padukone turned down an offer of 3.5 crores rupees for 3.5 minutes performance of Dum maaro dum dance in a private party.

Priyanka Chopra and Sonaski Sinha both charged 6 crores for Ram Chahe Leela and “Party all night” respectively. Malaika Aurora does not take less than 2 crores rupees per dance.

These actresses charge crores for some minutes performance. Can you imagine how many crores they would for sleeping one night with a man!

Bollywood actresses have biological desires like all of us. They sleep with men whom they are attracted to. Katrine Kaif was sleeping with Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma had done it with Virat before they got married. They did not do it for money. If it was for money, even rich sportsman like Virat Kohli could not afford Anuska. Neither could Ranbir.

I read many gossips about the sexual life of Bollywood stars. I don’t want to blame actresses for something without any evidence or substantial proof.

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Some failed and aged actresses have been caught red-handed for illegal prostitution. Most of them are from the regional film industry. Here are some examples:

The famous child actor of Bollywood, Shweta Prasad Basu became a prostitute for the living. She was arrested in Hyderabad for her alleged involvement in prostitution.

Sherlyn Chopra admitted self that she made money by escorting.

The ‘Life Ki To Lag Gayi’ actress, Mishto Mukherjee was running an escort club and she was making money by making adult videos. The police arrested her and found a lot of cash and illegal videos in her home.

The Telugu film actress Saira Banu became a fulltime escort. She was arrested, too.

There are rumors about Rakhi Sawant, Yami Gupta, Malaika Arora, Nargis Fakhri, and Mallika Sherawat that they were involved in the escort work.

It is likely that Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat do it for money. But I don’t believe that Malaika Aurora and Nargis Fakhri escort.

The American federal police revealed an escort racket but by a Telugu couple ( Kishan Modugumudi and his wife, Chandra) They smuggled some actress in the USA for an escort. 

The prostitution scheme was masterminded by Kishan Modugumudi, 34, an Indian businessman who rose to become a player in the Tollywood movie industry and co-produced several hit films, Chicago Tribune reported.

By the way, I have read in different places that Diana Penty and Riya Sen escorts and their clients are wealthy married foreigners.


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