Why are you chasing blog views?

Why are you trying by hook or crook to get as many views as possible on Medium and Quora or on their own blog? What is the point of getting views?

I have searched the questions on Google. I have not got an appropriate answer to my question. On the contrary, I have thousands of suggestions on how to tons of views get views. Writers who are giving tips on views are getting a lot of views.

I have a small company. I buy sometimes Google Adwords to attract targeted traffic to my site. My purpose is to convert traffics to my customers. I use Google analytics to follow conversion rate. It is essential that advertising cost should pay off.

Writing is my hobby and great passion. I use most of my free time writing. I write mainly on Medium and Quora.I have my own blog, too.  I want to connect to my readers. I want interaction with my fans. My goal is to be established as a writer. My secondary purpose is to improve my English.

All of us who are writing here on popular platforms  have some kind of purpose. Views alone will not help you much. You need readers’ engagements. Stop worrying about views; concentrate on conversions.

On Quora, everybody can see number of your views but on Medium views are hidden.
Some of my Quora answers have mot more than half a million views.

One of my stories on Medium has got 170 K views and still getting 2 K views every day.

But it has got only 7 applauses whatsoever. I could not earn a single dollar from the story.

On the other hand, one of my stories has got 30 views but 5 have become become my follower. With these 30 views, I have earned 4 dollar and gained a follower. You can see 30  views is better than useless 170 K views.

You certainly have some purpose for writing. You are either trying to promote your products or yourself. If you get many viewers who see or read your stories and disappear forever, those ciews are no helping you anything.

You need those readers who will be attached to you. This attachment or loyalty creates a value for you. Even these readers don’t buy your products; they can add value to your blog.

I don’t search Google about how to get views anymore. I see billions of results. Which strategy should I follow? I get confused. I wanted to find out how to utilize views. Unfortunately, I found not may usable results.

If to get views is goal, there are many easy ways to have it. If you answer about Indian film actress, you will get millions of views on Quora. You can also get thousands of views on Medium. You can divert traffic to your blog, too.

If they go your blog and stay only 3 seconds, you are not getting anything. You have to give them something interesting so that they stay on your blog. If they stay for some minutes at least, you can sell some stuff. At least they will click on Ads you provide.

How many views you will get and how many will engage in your stories depend on partly on your abilities and mostly on your luck.

If your writing style skill is not good, readers will not read your stuff. Even they do, they will not engage with your stories. Whatever promotional and marketing strategy, you take that would not work.

Your luck determines your success as a writer. You piece can attract 2 views; it can also attract 2 million views. Sometimes some posts go viral if you are lucky. If you are not, nobody will find your piece.

My suggestions to you: “don’t chase views, concentrate on how you can use views.”

There are many million writers who are trying to be a known writer. The competition in this area is very tough. Statistically, you have a very slim chance to be successful.

But if you have some extra hours, it’s worth keeping on writing. That’s what I do. My hope is, one day I will be noticed. People will know my ideas and vision.

I learn new things each time I write a story.

If you fail to get views, never do bizarre things; don’t be desperate to get views. Many out there will promise you thousands of traffics for money. You will hear many fake stories of success. Some will tell you how they got millions of views overnight. Some will tell you how they earn fortunes from their blog. Never listen to all these false stories.

( This article was first published on the Writer Co-operative)

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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