Indian men adore Indian girls. Are they really beautiful?

Indians love to say “Indians girls are the beautiful in the world” It is more like a patriotism than real thing.Indians are very much Indians. An Indian in USA is an Indian, an Indian i Arab Emirates is an Indian.

I have lived my entire adult life in Denmark. In my work I speak only Danish, I represent Danish organisations, I teach Danish business culture at schools. I have always been friend with Danish girls.

I have worked with girls of different nationalities. They are sweet and pretty. But I have some kind of mindset that Indians are good for me.

But I have to eat spicy Indians food when I am home. I have to watch Indian movies. I feel comfortable with an Indian woman as life partner.

The Danish as well as European girls are very beautiful, hot and attractive. But I am attracted to Indian girls and I have been married with one of them.

Is my wife more beautiful than those girls from other countries? If you look at the gerenera criteria of a beautiful girl, my may not be considered beautiful. But I consider her beautiful ignoring logics.

Many Indian girls are beautiful. There are 700 millions women are in India. They have thousands of different body shapes, skin color and appearances. They are not all beautiful. In fact most of them are not beautiful. When we say, Indian girls are the most beautiful, it is mostly psychological, not always the fact


Indian girls are more beautiful in an indian’s eyes even though they are not so beautiful according to standard definition. .

I have been a mindset that long hair, brown color, and quiet girls are beautiful.

There are some physical features that Indian men consider for beautiful girls:

Lean body frame without being overweight

Thick and long hairs.

Sharp face features.

Fair skin is a desirable

However, Curvy’, ‘size zero’, ‘voluptuous’ are regular terms used everywhere. Modern Indian girls are changing food habit to be so called “size zero”

Bollywood Movie Industry is changing the features of beauty. The slim waist and flat belly are very much appreciated. Indians fashion are designed in a way that waists are bellies are visible.

Even if Indian girls do not have physical features that necessary to be beautiful, Indians consider them at least reasonable.

In fact, it is not just the appearance, but we also like the way Indian girls talk, make jokes, cry and show fake anger.

Indians men like Indian girls because they are devoted to husbands, they are compassionate and loyal. They are feminine, docile, soft and faithful

Indian girls are considered beautiful mostly for their characteristics

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