You can conquer your age

Your biological clock will always tick. it goes only one way forward. You can’t reverse it The worst thing you can do is to worry about age. Age is something how you perceive it. Biological age alone does not make old. George Cooley in his late 50 is one of the most attractive man in the world while many in their 40 are anxious about age.You have to accept your age. It does not do any good by trying to hide it If you use makeup to look younger, you are just misguiding yourself. If you use poison like Botox, it will not reverse your age. If you want to be young then you have stop the biological process that make old. When you cannot change things organically, it does help using chemicals to look good externally. Anxiety kills you, not the age. Anxiety about age is worse than getting age. It helps if you live a dynamic life without thinking about your age. You have to be youthful in thoughts, have fun, keeps on physical training. Those activities will keep in shape not by sitting and regretting what you could do in your many years ago. To be positive, be motivated. Do not let your age to hold you back.

Greed is not necessarily bad

Greed is normal human, it is not necessarily bad.Greed is thirst for achieving something- it could be wealth, it could power.This desire to achieve gives motivation and this motivation makes life dynamic.Those who don’t have greed could be monk in temples or idle, passive people.Greed create both motivation and ambition that combinedly lead to successful life.

Greed is good but being overwhelmed by greed cause crimes.

To achieve something motivated by greed is good if it can be done without hurting others.If you have controllable greed, you can earn money but if your greed is out of proportion, you could lose everything.In stock market those people who risk everything  because of greed,  lose everything and become bankrupt. Financial crisis in 2008-09 is an evidence to that.If you do not have greed at all, you cannot achieve anything. You will live your life without excitement.Greed is not just an individual matter, it can also be collective for a society.Greed has always motivated civilization to grow, we can see that from ancient Greek to Roman civilization.All scientific revolution and recent technological advancement have been possible for their thirst for money.Thirst for money is not a negative thing. Money is not just currency, it symbols of all material things.It is bad when someone becomes too much emotionally involved in money. That could lead to aversive consequence.


The fundament of a healthy relation is to be open to one another without holding anything hidden. Honest communication and working through problems and disagreement strengthen relationship