Greed is healthy, greed is good

Greed is not always that bad. Greed motivates people.

Don’t call somebody bad because he/she is greedy.If you don’t have greed, that’s worrying sign. If you don’t feel excited to a sexy girl, you don’t have a strong desire to tasty food, that are signs that your biological system is not functioning well. When you get a spontant erection only by looking a hot girl, you should be grateful because you are healthy. If you don’t have greed, you should be monk living in a temple

Greed is a normal human, it is not necessarily bad. Greed is the thirst for achieving something- it could be wealth, it could be power. It could be even sex. This desire to achieve gives motivation and this motivation makes life dynamic. Greed creates both motivation and ambition that combinedly lead to successful life.

To achieve something motivated by greed is good if it can be done without hurting others. If you have controllable greed, you can earn money but if your greed is out of proportion, you could lose everything. Greed must not be overwhelmed by evil desires.

Greed is good when is balanced, you must have some brake system to control your temptations. If you bet everything you have got in stock market out of your greed, that could be a disaster. The financial crisis in 2008–09 was caused by greed.

Without greed, you will lose all excitements, will live a boring life.
Greed is not just a personal matter, it can also be collective for a society even for a nation. Greed has always motivated civilization to grow, we can see that from ancient Greek to Roman civilization.

All scientific revolution and recent technological advancement have been possible for their thirst for money. Companies are becoming more and more innovative as their greed is rising.
The thirst for money and power is good. We are living in a dynamic world because we are trying to fulfil our thirst

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email:

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