Five types of people will never be successful

Intelligence and education are helpful but not essential for success. Hard work does not help, it rather creates a barrier to success. Most importantly, happiness is the key to success.

There are many criteria for failures. Here are 5 types of people will never succeed in life:

1.Unhappy people will never succeed:

The pre-condition of success is happiness. You need creative energy for success. When you are happy, you have positive feelings. Pleasant feelings activate some parts of your brain that enhance motivation and creativity.

Success and happiness are twisted together. Sadness and depression undermine your motivation. You need peace in mind. The last thing you need is mental stress.

2. People who work hard but not smart:

Indian agriculture labor and Bangladeshi textile workers work very hard. But they live a miserable life. Jeff Bezos sleep at least 8 hours a day. He only makes a key decision.

Hard work kills the joy of your life. Working hard without innovative idea does not bring any result. You need productivity in your work.

You can accomplish much more if you work smart instead of working long and hard.

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3. People who emphasize education:

You need education to enhance your hard skills. But education cannot give you success. Education is very overrated. Many successful are low educated and university dropout.

People who take education very seriously have difficulty to succeed in life Of course hard skills is a good thing but soft skills are more important than hard skills.

You need leadership skills. Negotiation and communication skills are vital for your career success.

People cannot succeed by only using merits and intelligence. You have to be likable and the skills to bring people together.

4. People without integrality:

Personal integrity is very important for success. Companies hire men of integrity for key positions. If a corporate CEO is exposed for his/her dishonesty, the stock price of that company sinks.

It is very important that people trust you, they can count on you. When they trust you, they will buy your products. You can never get a key position if your boss doubts your integrity.

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5. People who are stuck in comparison trap:

Some people could be happy and successful but they cannot because they always compare their lives with others.

Jealousy and envy are human nature but social media has intensified these negative natures.

Many people have good and moderate successful life. But they spoil their own happiness by comparing their lives with others. Their friends post pictures from ultra-luxury travel, with beautiful women and expensive cars.

Those people don’t think that those are not always real pictures. Their friends don’t those cars and those beautiful women are their girlfriends. When people become sad, they become unhappy, too.

Obaidul Karim Khan

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