“Old age sucks: Nothing good in getting old”, says my father

“There’s nothing good about being my age. Someone said to me, ‘You have such a wealth of knowledge,’ and I just said ‘I’d rather be young and know nothing, actually.’ Bugger the wealth of knowledge.”
The veteran celebrity Judi Dench said those in an interview

My father an ordinary person, a retired professor said almost the same thing to me. “Nothing good about being old, you can’t find a single positive thing apart from helping the medical industry by buying their products,” says my father to me. “As an old person, you may have wealth, wisdom and huge life experience but nothing has any usefulness at all” my dad expresses his regret.

The anatomical integrity of an organism gradually deteriorates during the aging process. Research reveals that subtle chemical changes occur to DNA as people get older. This explains that disabilities in functioning and diseases evolve as we get old.

I have recently started working as a volunteer to support old people who live in the sanatorium. I have not experienced old age myself but I am getting prepared to handle my coming old age. I listen to inhabitants about their feelings and try to find out the best way to help them

I have seen my father very closely. I really wanted to know how he felt and dealth with old age. He has shared his feeling about being old.

My father is 87 years, and my mother passed away 14 years ago. Since then he has lived a solitary life. It is not his choice to live lonely. Most of his friends have died. There are not many who want to accompany him.

I live in another part of the world. But he visits me and my family every year.

He was physically more fit than me when he was at my age. He was a professor of philosophy at college. He used to write books for college students.

He was very energetic and cheerful person. His bicycle had extra seats for me and my younger brother. He took us everywhere with his cycle.

He did not play with me much when I was a child but he has played a lot with his grandchildren while staying with us.

Since he became 80, his vision and hearing have been deteriorating. It was difficult to carry out a conversation with him on the telephone. I have recently bought a hearing device for him. It has helped him somehow.

He has been operated twice for his eyes. He still can see but the vision is blurry.His blood pressure is very high. Lunch is not in very good condition.

He has got severe arthritis in knees. I took him to orthopedic doctor for treatment. But the doctor says, that he is too old for an operation. Nothing could be done apart from using plasters

He love sweets. Now he is diagnosed with diabetes. He has high cholesterol level in blood, too. He can neither tolerate sweets not red meats which he loves to eat.

The worst is, he is exactly suffering from amnesia but he has difficulty to remember things.

I am very sad to see him the way he is now. He was such an intelligent and lively person; now he is developing a disability.

He is very unhappy to live such a long life. Last week, he asked me “ why am I living so long while all my colleagues passed away? I dont want reach a vegetative state before death” I could not prevent my tears.

I have contact with old people living at nursing homes. I have seen many like him. Brain cells sharply decrease when people are old. Their memories let them down. New cells are not being produced, doctor says. No body part and organ function properly.

My father has realized the brutal truths of getting old. He does not want to live longer. Getting old does suck.

He thinks, my mother lived and diesd in a honarable was. She did not have to bear the burden of old age. She had not suffer much before she died.

I will be in his situation if I live so long. I already knows that there is zero good in getting old

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write with passion, help people as a volunteer. I am the founder and writer of this blog Contact email: info@be-happy.info

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